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Critical to success & too often the hold up
Copywriting spells success in any communication venture. Copywriting, too, is one of the most common holdups when it comes to getting your project off the ground. Why is that? Usually because this task is assigned to a manager within your company who has day-to-day responsibilities that preclude them from finding the large blocks of uninterrupted time it takes to put together good copy.

Get on the right write track
By offering copywriting services we can help keep your project on track. And another key to working with an outsourced writer; you get a fresh look at your pitch from a third-party. All too often in-house copy is developed too close to the source. Meaning, the writer is too in touch with the product or service and may assume the reader knows things they simply don’t. Or your copy can be so loaded with corporate branding and mission statements that it misses the mark. If you’ve ever struggled putting together your own resume, you understand being too close to the source to write an effective piece.

Learn to outsource
An outsourced copywriter must first learn about your product or service before they can begin writing. In this discovery process they will identify the key points that mean the most to them, as an outsider looking in. There will be, on occasion, key pieces that a writer may leave out that are critical, such as the single factor that separates you from a competitor. This is part of the discovery process and what approvals and revisions are for. You will find this will help bring you a clearer picture of your pitch as it unfolds. Working closely together through this process will help define your message, and ultimately deliver better results.

Outsourced Copywriting is Perfect for:
Print Advertisements
Online Advertisements
Direct Mail
Marketing Letters
Tradeshow Materials
Websites and Landing Pages

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